Strategic Management Accounting

Abteilung: Managerial Accounting
DozentIn: Prof. Dr. Markus C. Arnold
Semester: Spring Semester
Umfang: 3 SWS Lectures and Case Studies
Credits: 4.5 ECTS
Inhalt und Info: The course treats management accounting instruments designed to develop, implement and control strategies. The course addresses the design of these instruments from a theoretical and an empirical perspective. Specific objectives of this course are: To enable students to understand which factors of the firm environment determine strategies, how firms react to these factors and how they can use managerial accounting instruments to develop and control strategies.
Termin/Ort: KSL
Voraussetzung: Basic knowledge in finance and investment, financial and managerial accounting.

The introductory courses ("Einführungsstudium") as well as the bachelor degree course must have been completed.

Bemerkung: Keine Kernbereichsveranstaltung
 Evaluation: FS18
Veranstaltungsseite: ILIAS