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Upcoming Seminars
Date Time / Location Speaker Topic
June 12, 2024
17:00 - 18:30

Room 105,

Engehaldenstrasse 8

McKay Jones, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Using Reasonable and Rational Guidance from Management as an Informal Control
September 11, 2024 To be announced Christoph Feichter, WU Vienna To be announced
September 18, 2024 To be announced Ben Commerford, University of Kentucky To be announced
September 25, 2024
To be announced
Ryan Sommerfeldt, Birmingham Young University To be announced
October 23, 2024 To be announced Eddy Cardinaels, Tilburg University To be announced
December 11, 2024
To be announced

Lisa LaViers, Tulane University

To be announced
April 16, 2025 To be announced Ben Van Landuyt, University of Arizona To be announced
May 7, 2025 To be announced Blake Steenhoven, Queen's University To be announced
September 24, 2025 To be announced Spencer Anderson, Indiana University To be announced
Past Seminars
Date Speaker Topic
May 29, 2024 Adam Presslee, University of Waterloo The Effort Effects of Employee Recognition Source in Highly Interdependent Group Tasks
May 8, 2024 Jordan Samet, University of Illinois, Gies College of Business The Effects of Performance Targets on Employee Learning
April 24, 2024 Sebastian Stirnkorb, University of Amsterdam Activating Auditors’ Willingness to Address Risk: A Field Experiment Focusing Auditors on Cognitive Dissonance and Fraud
June 22, 2023
Willie Choi, University of Wisconsin-Madison Does allowing employees to set their own pay motivate greater effort? A re-examination of potential drivers
May 4, 2023
Feng Yeo, University of South Carolina Can Firms Hide and Guide the Narrative? The Effects of Social Media Reply Civility and Reply Hiding Behavior on Investors' Judgments
March 9, 2023 Nicole Cade, University of Pittsburgh The Effect of News-Trade Integration on Investors' Perceptions of News
December 7, 2022 Jeremiah W. Bentley, University of Massachusets Amherst The Effect of Reporting Frequency and Summary Metrics on Subjective Performance Evaluation
November 16, 2022 Zheng Leitter, Nanyang Technological University Business Acquisition Disclosures: The Effect of Identifying Intangible Assets in Investors' Judgements
September 14, 2022 Gary Hecht, University of  Illinois Urbana-Champaign Then Effects of Compensation Mechanism Variation on Team-Members' Effort and Performance
July 28, 2022 Eric Chan, University Texas at Austin Nonprofit Pay, Market Pay Transparency andGovernance
May 4, 2022 Nick Seybert, Robert H. Smith School of Business Signaling in Accounting Job Postings: Seductive Language of Narcissists
May 18, 2022 Yao Yu, University of Massachusetts Amherst How Do Accounting Estimate Favorability and Method Similarity Influence Investors' Judgements of Financial Reporting Quality?
November 3, 2021 Jake Zureich, Tilburg University The (un)controllability principle: The benefits of holding employees accountable for uncontrollable factors
October 27, 2021 Bei Shi, University of Amsterdam The Effect of Relative Performance Information Level on Team Performance
October 13, 2021 Evelien Reusen, Erasmus University Rotterdam When Guidance Backfires: The Effect of Supervisor Communication and Prior Control Choice on Managers’ Cooperation with External Partners
 June 2, 2021 Sara Bormann, Goethe University Frankfurt  Trade Secret Protection and Firms’ Internal Transparency
 Mai 5, 2021 Eddy Cardinaels, Tilburg University  Steering Through the Fog: How Color Coding Improves Decision Making in Noisy Environments
 December 2, 2020 Katlijn Haesebrouck, Maastricht University  The ripple effect: How managers’ affective reactions to manager-level controls have a contagious impact on subordinates
 November 19, 2020 Ryan Guggenmos, Cornell University The Relationship between Non-GAAP Earnings and Aggressive Estimates in Reported GAAP Numbers
 November 10, 2020 Matthias Mahlendorf, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management  Budget Expectations gone wrong – Budgeting Biases and its Consequences
 September 29, 2020 Christoph Feichter, WU Vienna The Impact of Short-term Financial Information on Creativity Assessments for New Product Ideas: A Social Context Perspective
 March 11, 2020 Victor Maas, University of Amsterdam  The effects of group incentives and transparency on managers' strategic behaviour
 December 4, 2019 Isabella Grabner, WU Vienna  The complementarity between CSR disclosures and the use of CSR-based performance measures in CEO annual incentive contracts
 September 11, 2019 Karen Sedatole, Emory University The folly of forecasting: The effects of a disaggregated demand forecasting system on forecast error, forecast positive bias, and inventory levels
 July 16, 2019 Laura Wang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  Cheating for the Cause: The Effects of Performance-Based Pay on Socially-Oriented Misreporting
 July 3, 2019 Andrew Newman, University of South Carolina  The effects of performance feedback systems in decentralized workplaces
 June 19, 2019 Jasmin Bol, Tulane University   Status Motives and Agent-to-Agent Information Sharing
 October 31, 2018  Joachim Gassen, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin  Financial Transparency of Private Firms: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment
 September 19, 2018  H. Scott Asay, Assistant Professor of Accounting, The University of Iowa, Tippie College of Business  Consumer Responses to Corporate Tax Planning
September 11, 2018  Karl Schuhmacher, Emory University  Leading by Example: The Effect of Contract Design on the Ability to Lead
September 11, 2018  Michael Wolff & Sebastian Firk, Georg-August Universität Göttingen  The Dark Side of Clawbacks: Clawback Provisions and a Firm’s Strategic Repertoire
April 26, 2018 Dennis Fehrenbacher, Monash University The influence of subordinate bonuses and supervisor process accountability on supervisors’ attention and performance evaluations
March 14, 2018 Harm Schütt, LMU München Competition in Financial News Markets and Trading Activity
November 2, 2017 Kristina Rennekamp, Cornell University Firm Performance, Reporting Goals, and Language Choices in Narrative Disclosures
October 18, 2017 Frank Moers, University of Maastricht The Effect of Target Setting on Employees’ Investment in Long-Term Productivity Improvements
September 21, 2017 Shankar Venkataraman, Georgia Institute of Technology Curbing Earnings Management: Experimental Evidence on how Clawbacks Provisions and Board Monitoring Affect Managers’ use of Discretion
June 8, 2017 (In Fribourg) Anette Mikes, University of Lausanne Opening the Black Box of Board-Level Control: A Longitudinal Study of Board Accounts, Risk Management and Accounting
May 15, 2017 Bill Tayler, Brigham Young University Contracts, Controllability, Fairness, and Misreporting
February 22, 2017 Georgios A. Papanastasopoulos, University of Piraeus Asymmetries in the Persistence and Pricing of Accruals
October 19, 2016 Peter Kroos, University of Amsterdam Pursuing Business Models and Target Setting: The Interplay between Customized and Uniform Targets
September 20, 2016 Sofia Lourenço, Lisbon School of Economics & Management What Do Employees Really Want? Preference-Performance Inconsistencies Regarding Work Incentives
May 31, 2016 Michael Wiliamson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The Role of Incentives in Sustaining High-Creativity Production
May 19, 2016 Brian White, University of Texas at Austin Linked Financial Statement Presentation, Causal Reasoning and Risk Assessments
May 4, 2016 Jeffrey Hales, Georgia Institute of Technology Positive and Negative Effects of Disaggregated Reporting: An Experimental Examination of Managerial Opportunism and Capital Investment
April 13, 2016 Marcel von Rinsum, Erasmus University of Rotterdam How Accountability Influences Investment Decision Quality in a Balanced Scorecard Setting: an Eye-tracking Experiment
March 23, 2016 (In Fribourg) Lukas Roth, University of Alberta -
March 16, 2016 Max Hewitt, Eller College of Management, University of Arizona How Suspicions of the Method of Earnings Management and its Underlying Motive Affect Investors' Trust in Managers and Willingness to Invest in the Firm
February 3, 2016 Michael Stich, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg Does Sustainability Assurance Improve Managerial Investement Decisions?
September 2, 2015 Steven Kachelmeier, University of Texas Prompting the Benefit of the Doubt: The Joint Effects of Auditor Independence and Measurement Uncertainty on Audit Adjustments
June 12, 2015 Jeremy Doughit, University of Arizona The Effect of Endogenous Contract Selection on Budgetary Slack
May 5, 2015 * Huaxiang Yin, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore The Role of the Employees’ Knowledge of Manager Behavior and Manager Discretion
April 29, 2015 * Ivo Tafkov, Georgia State University, Atlanta Managerial Discretion over Relative Performance Information Provision: Implications for Manager and Employee Behavior
March 10, 2015 Jochen Bigus, Free University of Berlin Bank relationships and private firms’ financial reporting opacity
January 20, 2015 * James Hesford, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne Do Higher Wages Pay for Themselves? An Intra-firm Test of the Effect of Wages on Employee Performance
November 27, 2014 * Baohua Xin, University of Toronto Real Effects of Accounting Uniformity: Implications of Higher-Order Beliefs

Organizing chairs:

Prof. Dr. Markus C. Arnold, Prof. Dr. Michael Burkert, Prof. Alexis H. Kunz, Prof. Dr. Franck Missonier-Piera

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