Using Simulation Analysis for Enhanced Managerial Decision-Making and Cost Control

Abteilung: Financial Accounting
DozentIn: Prof. Dr. Michael Burkert
BetreuerIn: -
Semester: Herbstsemester
Umfang: 2 SWS
Inhalt und Info: The principal objective of this course is to teach students how to use Monte Carlo simulations to derive more accurate predictions about future costs and revenues. Monte Carlo simulations allow for better handling of uncertainty and overcome the limitations of traditional scenario analyses. Monte Carlo simulations complement/can be linked with classical cost accounting methods, enabling management accountants to provide managers with even more useful information. This is important because it may substantially enhance managerial decision-making, as well as cost control and risk management.

Syllabus of course on simulation Bern.pdf (pdf, 92KB)

Termin/Ort: KSL
Voraussetzung: B Sc BA
Bemerkung: -
Veranstaltungsseite: ILIAS